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The software we’re using has been fully reprogrammed by the PacMan@Lyon team.

PacMan@Lyon (2007/07/23)

This software doesn’t require any specific installation on the “client” side (the ghosts). However, the server requires a web server with a PHP interpreter and a database. The recommended configuration is a classic XAMPP (Apache, MySQL, PHP). It can be downloaded from the wup project page on Sourceforge.

At the moment, this software isn’t optimized but the source code has been released under the GPL license. Which means that the source code is accessible to anyone and especially to those who would like to modify and enhance it. As a counterpart, the modified source code will have to be licensed under the same kind of license. Also, this software is absolutely free of charge.

The Ghosts generals and the PacMan general will use a standard web-browser. Usually, PacMan’s computer will also host the server on which the ghosts’ computers will connect.
In case of litigation about time issues, the server (PacMan’s computer) will be considered as the referent.

How to use the Software:

Launch a game

To launch a game, the generals simply have to launch their web-browser (Firefox for example) on their respective computer. They enter the server’s IP address in the address bar, then they have to select which player they will control.

PacMan’s general just needs to create the game and wait for the other generals to be connected.

When the 4 ghosts are connected to the server, PacMan’s general must click on the “Start game” button. This has to be done only when the players in the streets are ready. Then, the game may start.
Once PacMan’s general has clicked on the “start” button, the time starts to be counted on the 5 computer screens. The generals ask their players to start running.

Play a game

The general simply needs to press the corresponding direction key to move his virtual player to the street corner which his real player has just reached and told him on the phone. The players in the street have to relay their position at least at each intersection they reach.
If a “ghost” player is moving, the move is transmitted to all the other players. If the “PacMan” player is moving, the ghosts can’t see his move.
In any case, the score is automatically incremented by the software, but only on the server, in order to leave the ghosts without indications.

If the “PacMan” player reaches an intersection with a power pellet, he automatically becomes “invincible” and the ghosts become “edible”. The information is transmitted to all the other players .
From that moment on, and for two minutes long, the ghosts can no longer eat PacMan, however, if the “PacMan” player tags a “ghost” player, he relays the information to his general who clicks on the corresponding button.

If a “ghost” player has been eaten, he must come back to his starting point to be able to eat PaMan again.
If a “ghost” player tags PacMan, his general clicks on the “Eat PacMan” button. The game is over.