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These rules are mostly inspired from the Pac-Manhattan rules.


Pac-Man attempts to clear the game board of dots before getting caught by ghosts.


4 players are designated as Ghosts, 4 player are designated as Ghost Generals
1 player is designated as Pac-Man, 1 player is designated as Pac-Man’s General.

Ghost Generals and Pac-Man’s General fire up the control panel and select the corresponding character names from the list. The Ghosts and Pac-Man proceed to their starting locations. When all players are at their starting stations the Game may start.

The Playing Area

The playing area is situated in the 6th district of Lyon.

L’aire de jeu vue d’avion

Initial positions of the players :

Le plateau de jeu de PacMan @ Lyon

Game Play

At the start of the game, Pac-Man runs along the streets, staying outdoors, within the designated playing area at all times. The ghosts may begin to chase Pac-Man. Pac-Man continues to run the board until all of the dots are “eaten” or one of the ghosts eats Pac-Man.

Upon arriving at a street corner, Pac-Man and the Ghosts must report their new location to their respective Generals.

When Pac-Man arrives at an intersection with an available Power pellet he automatically consumes it. If being chased, Pac-Man must touch the pole at the corner to activate the power pellet. Upon consuming a power pellet Pac-Man is “invincible” for two minutes and may eat the ghosts. If a Ghost is eaten, the ghost must return to the starting point before being able to chase Pac-Man again.


Pac-Man’s General can pass any information regarding the state of the board to Pac-Man.

Ghost Generals can inform the Ghosts of other ghosts’ locations and Pac-Man’s power up state (powered or not) but may not reveal Pac-Man’s Location. If one of the running ghost spots Pac-Man, he can communicate this position to his general who can then relay this information to the other ghosts, allowing team-play.


Pac-Man receives 10 points per software unit traveled (3 to 7 unit per block) and 200 points for the first ghost captured during a particular power pellet’s duration. Points gained for catching a Ghost are doubled for each subsequent Ghost (i.e.200, 400, 800, 1600). A power pellet is worth 40 points.