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Winter break

Here we are, The 2008 Urban Pacman season is over in Lyon. Yesterday, the last session was this year’s highest point for Pacman@Lyon. Despite the cold, not only was it a great day with a sunny weather and really motivated players, but it was also a great day because some media came around to cover the event. And they haven’t been disappointed since 8 games have been played !

Pacman on TV !

The press coverage is only french-speaking at the moment :  France Television 3 and Le Progrès were here, and few days before, Pacman@Lyon was on air on Radio Espace and on “Macadam Tribus” on Radio Canada. But hopefully, some other medias will get interested in the concept, and maybe the press coverage will help us to develop the game abroad. If you want to organize and play Urban Pacman in you City, we are very eager to help you ! Do not hesitate to contact us from the “Wanna play ?” page.