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Pacman goes on !

Beyond all our expectations, last saturday’s session was a huge success. We thought it would be the last of the season, but finally we’ll play at least once more! You can already take a note in your agenda, the next session will take place on the 15th of november at 3 pm. As usual, we’ll play at Moi j’m'en fous je triche at 8 rue René Leynaud in Lyon. Don’t forget to load your cell phone’s battery before coming!

I want YOU for Pacman army

Now for some news : we just fell upon WhereCampPDX’s website. They also organize Urban Pacman games in Portland, Oregon. They also have a  video and an article on WebMonkey. Let’s hope other people in the world will join us. Don’t forget : we’re ready to help!

Pacman gets famous!

Yet another success for Pacman ! Last saturday, many players came to eat dots or to catch Pac man. This is probably due to the article in 20 minutes (fr), one of France’s most read newspaper. Anyway, the life-size Pac man’s fame will still increase ! Indeed, several media were here, including the AFP, the worldwide french press agency. Moreover, Pac man will continue to spread around the world, next summer, new cities might be invaded including Singapore, London and Berlin.

Pacman et son nouveau casque

While waiting for the announce of next session, you can still have a look on the photos on Flickr.