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Games during Fall

Here we are, life-size Pacman games have reached their cruising speed : whereas we haven’t recovered our breath from last games but we already annouce the next session ! Take your diary and save the date : it will be on october, saturday the 18th from 6pm until we get tired ! The rendez-vous is at the bar moi j’m'en fous, je triche, at 8 rue René Leynaud in Lyon. Of course, playing the game is still free !

So, those who were fearing rain and who didn’t come to the last session will understand why we couldn’t stop playing last time…

Pacman dans les pentes (detail)

Pacman is back

While children are going back to school, Pacman hits the streets of Lyon once again ! Despite very pessimistic weather forecasts and an alert for storm risks, the volunteers of Pacman@Lyon and of “Moi j’m'en fous je triche” decided to keep to the game session. That was a good decision to make! Indeed, the clouds disappeared and we played not less than 9 games frome 8pm to 1am!

Pacman@Lyon (2008/09/06)

The players were having so much fun that other people (who firstly came to play board games at “Moi j’m'enfous je triche”) joined the Pacman Frenzy! Even those who were saying this game wasn’t for them ended playing Inky, Pinky, Clyde, Blinky or Pacman…

Pacman@Lyon (2008/09/06)

As a conclusion, we wille probably organize other sessions. Of course we’ll keep you on touch. Meanwhile, you can have a look on the few pictures from yesterday’ session.