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PacMan by night

Yesterday evening, again, few mad ghost haunted Lyon’s streets, chasing a ridiculous yellow man. And again, fun was definitely there.

PacMan HQ

The game now being a well-oiled machine, yesterday’s average score is much higher than last week, but Julien still holds the record with 1330 points.

Yesterday evening was also a great premiere : we had the first fully feminine game. And no shame for the ladies who made yesterday’s best score!

Finally, the fourth game began at 10 pm, so it was the occasion to try a night game. And sincerely, it was fantastic!

PacMan by night

New photos available on my Flickr account and on Patrick’s website.

Pacman’s eleven

Here we are ! We finally played the first games ! It was a lot of fun, and despite our fear of rain, everything worked perfectly. We played four games yesterday evening, and we even had one girl in each game (playing Pinky of course, the pinky costume suits better).

Pacman & Inky

PacMan ran along the street as fast as he could, without fear of being ridiculous with his yellow redneck costume, chased by also ridiculous dressed ghosts. None of the 4 PacMen managed to eats all the dots, but the score are still good.

All these sport guys where managed from a fully computerized and cell-phonized control Van, in the atmospehere of a high-tech bank robbery. The ghost tried to find where PacMan was to chase him and devour him, unless PacMan had eaten a power pellet, making him chasing them.


At the end of each game, the player had much fun remembering and telling their adventures to each other, still out of breath because of running so fast in the streets.

After having eaten somes tarts and cakes, with a nice beer, the player went back home, still excited by the game, the head full of thoughts of ghosts and yellow power pellets.

Blinky & Clyde

Other games will take place soon. In the meantime you can take a glance a some photos we took. You can visit Twingocerise’s gallery and Snoow’s gallery. Videos will come soon.

Reactivation of the PacMan@Lyon project

Here we are ! After few years of inactivity, the Lyonnese Urban PacMan Team wakes up and decided to play at last ! The playground is being studied, the software is almost ready, the clothing is being prepared, the players will be contacted very soon and the first game is planned. More fresh news soon !

See you !