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Summer break

Despite the july hotness, several great games have been played during last session. Pacman and the ghosts have lost few litres of sweat but they didn’t regret it!

Summer Pacman

Unfortunately, we won’t organize a Urban Pacman session in august. This will let our players all the time they need to train for the september session!  So be there on september, saturday the 5th from 3pm to 8pm (or more) at 8 rue René Leynaud à Lyon (Moi j’m’en fous je triche).

Summer session

Here we are, the principle of a monthly session works perfectly. Like every first saturday of the month, last session was a success despite the rain.

Next session will take place during another great event : the game festival of Rue Leynaud, in partnership with others associations of the street (Moi j’m’en fous je triche, le Kotopo, etc…). So, be there saturday, July the 4th from 3pm at 8 rue René Leynaud à Lyon (Moi j’m’en fous je triche).

Pacman se fait manger

Pacman frenzy goes on !

Once again, the session of may was a huge success! After 9 crazy games, we decided to play a night game. This 10th game is to be remembered : the best players (and the most regular players) met in the dark streets of Croix-rousse. We will long remember the face-to-face between Pacman and Blinky in the Montée de la Grande Côte, won by Pacman. But Blinky had his revenge few minutes later, at the end of the effect of the pacgum.

Happy Inky

I’m pretty sure we’ll also have memorable moments at the next session. Be there saturday, June the 6th from 3pm at 8 rue René Leynaud à Lyon (Moi j’m’en fous je triche).

Also take note that a new version of the software is available, now with less bugs and with an english translation. Feel free to contact us if you need help to setup your own game !

Games to come !

The 2009 season is full of promises. The reportage heard on “The World“, the American radio magazine, brought us many visitors from the US and soon, Pacman games will be played in Texas, California and Washington !

Pinky & Inky

Meanwhile, if you’re near France, don’t forget to come to the next session in Lyon. Be there saturday, may the 2nd from 3pm at 8 rue René Leynaud à Lyon (Moi j’m’en fous je triche).

Launch of the 2009 season : successful !

Pacman is on the tracks! The first 2009 session was a success : fans of the yellow bowl came numerous and played 10 games! Once again, the press was here ; this time, an american journalist from “The World” radio show came to interview us. Of course, we’ll publish a link to the podcast as soon as we get it. Meanwhile you can still watch the last photos on PhotoBucket and on the Facebook page of the event.

Pacman - 2009/04/04

All the players really loved the game and can’t wait for the next session! So, be there saturday, may the 2nd from 3pm at 8 rue René Leynaud à Lyon (Moi j’m'en fous je triche). I already know this next session will be enlivened and full of competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if games will be played up to the night!

Season 2009

Days grow longer, temperatures go up, the sun is more and more present, what’s going on? Spring comes back! And with it, Pacman also comes back in the streets of Lyon!

This year,  Moi j’m'en fous je triche and pacman@Lyon’s team will offer you more fun than ever, indeed we’ll now organize monthly urban Pacman sessions! From april, you can come and play life-size Pacman in the streets of la Croix-rousse the first saturday of each month at 3pm.

So, next session is planned for april 4th at 3pm at 8 rue René Leynaud in Lyon city centre. Playing is free for members. We provide the costumes, the computers, the software and the organization, but not the communication fees.

Be there !

Clyde in spring

Winter break

Here we are, The 2008 Urban Pacman season is over in Lyon. Yesterday, the last session was this year’s highest point for Pacman@Lyon. Despite the cold, not only was it a great day with a sunny weather and really motivated players, but it was also a great day because some media came around to cover the event. And they haven’t been disappointed since 8 games have been played !

Pacman on TV !

The press coverage is only french-speaking at the moment :  France Television 3 and Le Progrès were here, and few days before, Pacman@Lyon was on air on Radio Espace and on “Macadam Tribus” on Radio Canada. But hopefully, some other medias will get interested in the concept, and maybe the press coverage will help us to develop the game abroad. If you want to organize and play Urban Pacman in you City, we are very eager to help you ! Do not hesitate to contact us from the “Wanna play ?” page.

Pacman goes on !

Beyond all our expectations, last saturday’s session was a huge success. We thought it would be the last of the season, but finally we’ll play at least once more! You can already take a note in your agenda, the next session will take place on the 15th of november at 3 pm. As usual, we’ll play at Moi j’m'en fous je triche at 8 rue René Leynaud in Lyon. Don’t forget to load your cell phone’s battery before coming!

I want YOU for Pacman army

Now for some news : we just fell upon WhereCampPDX’s website. They also organize Urban Pacman games in Portland, Oregon. They also have a  video and an article on WebMonkey. Let’s hope other people in the world will join us. Don’t forget : we’re ready to help!

Pacman gets famous!

Yet another success for Pacman ! Last saturday, many players came to eat dots or to catch Pac man. This is probably due to the article in 20 minutes (fr), one of France’s most read newspaper. Anyway, the life-size Pac man’s fame will still increase ! Indeed, several media were here, including the AFP, the worldwide french press agency. Moreover, Pac man will continue to spread around the world, next summer, new cities might be invaded including Singapore, London and Berlin.

Pacman et son nouveau casque

While waiting for the announce of next session, you can still have a look on the photos on Flickr.

Games during Fall

Here we are, life-size Pacman games have reached their cruising speed : whereas we haven’t recovered our breath from last games but we already annouce the next session ! Take your diary and save the date : it will be on october, saturday the 18th from 6pm until we get tired ! The rendez-vous is at the bar moi j’m'en fous, je triche, at 8 rue René Leynaud in Lyon. Of course, playing the game is still free !

So, those who were fearing rain and who didn’t come to the last session will understand why we couldn’t stop playing last time…

Pacman dans les pentes (detail)