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Here is a brief follow-up on Geneva’s Pac Man adventures. The players had a lot of fun and there was even some prizes for the bests of them!

Abbey Road Pac Man

You should definitely read the tale of this day(fr), there are some photos and even a video!

Pac Man in Geneva

After Crest, Nottingham, Toulouse, Lille and La-Chaud-de-fond, Pac Man invades Switzerland again and takes over Geneva !

The next games will take place on saturday, march 10th at 2pm at the Bar à jeux located at4 rue du village suisse in Geneva. It will be totally free, thanks to Gus and Co and to l’Autre Salon.

Read the full news (in french) here.

Pac Man Genève

Lots of news!

This blog hasn’t been really active recently, but Pacman did not stand idle!

He went to Switzerland for the Ludesco festival where he had a great success for its second trip outside France. Besides, the swiss were so enthusiastic about the game, they will probably organize their own game there. To be continued…

He went to Lille, for the fête de l’animation.

He’s been interviewed by a brand new podcast (in french), you can listen to it at Proxi-jeux.

Finally, he begins a new season in Lyon. The first session will take place saturday, may 7th. As usual, Comme d’habitude, it will begin at 4pm at “Moi j’m’en fous je triche”.

Sunny Toulouse

To end this season nicely, Pac Man moved to Toulouse for one day to take advantage of the last warm temperatures of the year. La Petite organized its festival and Pac Man had been invited to make the southern french geeks run in the streets. According to the number of participants and to their reactions, it went rather well!

 Pacman Toulouse

See by yourself and have a look on the photos taken last week-end in the pink city.


Just before Halloween, Pac Man crossed the Channel to visit Nottingham’s GameCity festival. This was a big success: our british friends had prepared everything : new costumes and an enthusiastic motivation. Pac Man will probably replace Robin Hood there: they already planned to play again!


Go watch some photos here and there. And don’t forget to come and play in Toulouse next week: it’s La Petite’s festival.

Pac Man travels (again!)

It is not only one great news, but two in a row for the world of Urban Pac Man! Indeed, two new cities have been converted to the frenzy of our favourite game.

If you happen to be in the UK this fall, I advise you to go to the GameCity festival, taking place in Nottingham from October 26th to October 30th. As a festival interested in video games, it had to organize its own life-size Pac Man. For this special occasion, a new map has been drawn, and a Pac Man birthday teaparty has been organized with Pac Man crafts and cosplay for children. It will take place on saturday, October the 30th, on the Old Market Square of Nottingham.


If you happen to be in southern France instead, you’ll also be lucky since Toulouse will also host an Urban Pac Man game! Indeed, this city hosts the La Petite  festival which invites the “Nuits Sonores” festival of Lyon. Once again, we created a map for the occasion. The HQ will be located  at Les Musicophages who is our partner for this event. The games will take place on November the 13th, at 6 rue de la Bourse in Toulouse.

La petite invite # Nuits Sonores

Last but not least, the last Urban Pac Man game of the year in Lyon is planned on October the 9th. As usual, you may come between 3pm and 7pm at “Moi j’m'en fous je triche“, 8 de la rue René Leynaud in Lyon.

Pacman travels

Here we are! For the first time in a long, Pacman invades a new city! After New-York, Lyon and Portland, now Crest (Drôme, France) will have a taste of the Urban Pacman frenzy.

Organized by Archi jeux, a non-profit organization, the event will take place on fridayn June 25th, from 3pm to 9pm at the bar La Caverne, 12 rue de l’hôtel de Ville. If you’re in the area at the time : go there! Here is the map you’ll have the opportunity to play:

Pacman Crest, Drôme, France

Beat the record!

The last Nuits Sonores festival made a lot of noise in the city, including in the streets of Croix-Rousse and in “Moi j’m'en fous je triche” game bar, where many Pacman games took place and where a new record has been established.

Now, Urban Pacman sessions come back to their usual pace, one session the first saturday of each month. So, next session will take place on saturday, June 5th at 8 rue René Leynaud in Lyon. Come and dare to beat the new record!

Pacman aux nuits sonores

Photo : Brice Robert

New season - “Nuits sonores”

Here we are ! Spring is back, and with it, the sun (well, in our hearts at least) ans life-size Pacman games ! The first session will be quite unusual since it will take place during the “Nuits sonores” festival . And for once, this time, the session will not take place on the first saturday of the month, but on friday, may 14th 2010. But some things never change, we still await you at 3pm at this fantastic game bar called “Moi j’m'en fous je triche“, situated 8 rue René Leynaud in Lyon.

Nuits Sonores 2010

After this particular event, life-size Pacman sessions will go on once a month, as usual. However, if you want fresh information, come and visit our website regularly or go to “Moi j’m'en fous je triche“.

End of season

This last Urban Pacman session was such a huge success we had to calm down the players who wished they could play until the end of the night ! But 10 games was tiring enough for the runners who really had a great sense of competition this day : a new record has been set by Julien who scored 2820 !

So, Pacman@Lyon is over for this year, but the Pacman frenzy will probably continue next year in Lyon. Meanwhile it goes on in other parts of the world :  players in Portland also ate ghosts this week end.

And we absolutely have to advertise this great new idea about Pacman : PacmanIsInParis sticks Pacman stickers all around the city. Pacman@Lyon’s contribution should be on their website soon…